Founded in 1956 by Jim Hagerty

Hagerty Door Service was founded in 1956 by Jim Hagerty. Jim alongside his wife, Jeane, set out on an adventure with dreams and ambition to achieve an honest garage door business in the Tri-City area.  All though Jim’s dreams were of good nature, he had no idea what to expect, whether success or failure.


After all, in 1956, garages doors weren’t the staple they are today, and nobody knew then what they were going to turn out to be for today’s society. The unexpected didn’t detour Jim and Jeane but yet motivated them to work harder. Every day, Jim set out to build up his reputation through his quality of work, and the honesty he gave. It wasn’t long before Jim was a well-known name in the Tri-City and surrounding areas. Jim spent many years in the garage by himself doing a quality job, and had then in 1986 he was rewarded an opportunity to pass his love and knowledge of the garage door world to his son, Paul, as he joined him in the garage.


As Paul joined Jim, their daughter would learn alongside of Jeane, to learn and perfect the office side of the business. The four of them together would spend the next 10 years perfecting the formula Jim used and teaching them the important aspects that mattered so much to Jim and Jeane. Jim always prided himself in the quality of his work, paying attention to every fine detail, and to provide the customer with an honest job using a superior product, while always going above and beyond. Shortcuts weren’t in Jim’s vocabulary, and he wanted that to be known and instilled in Paul and Ann.


In 1996 when Jim thought that Paul and Ann had these traits instilled in them, he stepped aside of the everyday grind and allowed his children to run the day to day. Jim still to this day has a very influential role in the business, and will continue to do so, to assure that his standard of quality is met and a honest job is performed. Paul would continue to work in the garage picking up where his father left off taking tremendous pride in his work until 2014 when an injury forced him to hang up his every day tool belt. This unfortunate circumstance however wouldn’t be the end of Hagerty Door Service.


Just as Jim had groomed and trained Paul doing a job that he loved, Paul was doing the same with his boys. Since his sons were a very young age Paul would take them along to the jobs and slowly but surely they would the business as well as the expectations of their grandfather, Jim. And that is where we are today. A 3-generation, family-owned and operated business in St. Charles for 60 years.


Today is no different, the same ambition that drove Jim to pursue his dream still drives us today to serve this community that has been so gracious to us for so many years.

Giving Back

We feel strongly about giving back to our community.

  • Hagerty Door Service supports our local schools, local little league baseball teams and other youth organizations through financial donations.
  • We recognize the tremendous benefits our first responders and military bring to our community - and we thank them by offering them and our seniors discounts on our services.



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